Queenstown Wedding Photography

Queenstown Wedding Photographer

“ A Top 10 In The World For Wedding Photography ”

I create images that look good now and will still look good when years have past. I believe in authentic moments and styled portraits.

I am there to capture the moments as they happen naturally and will also ensure you get the signature shots with big views and grand landscapes that Queenstown is renowned for.

Wedding photos that tells the story of your day.

My wedding photography style is clean and minimalistic with a natural feel and lots of emotions, bringing it back to my Swedish roots

Fredrik Larsson

For my Commercial Photography Check out

Why me?

It is always difficult to make a choice based on images alone, my photography is powerful, emotive and timeless but some things make me stand out.


You can rely on my experience of shooting over 1000 weddings, as one of NZ best photographers both in wedding and commercial photography 

Award Winning

If awards are important to you, I have won over 100 awards including a 2nd place in " The Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the world"


I own Queenstown's only Commercial Photography Studio, UP Studios and it can be used as back up for rainy days.

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